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ALPS Electric Czech

General information
Established:November 1995

Registerred office & production plant:
street: Sebranice 240, town: Sebranice u Boskovic, ZIP: 679 31,
Country: Czech Republic

GPS position:
E 16°35’17.562″
N 49°29’23.571″

Tel. +420 516 490 111
Fax: +420 516 455 980

IČO: 634 84 021
DIČ / VAT Reg. No.: CZ63484021

ALPS Electric Czech, s.r.o. is registerred in the Commercial Register kept by Regional Court in Brno, section C, insert 21168



Wien to Sebranice

Prague to Sebranice


ALPS Electric Czech is located in a charming Moravian village Sebranice, close to town Boskovice. It’s situated about 4 hours by car South East of Prague, 4 hours North of Vienna and about 40 minutes North of Brno. It’s near the Moravian Karst with its characteristic limestone caves and underground rivers. The ruined gothic castle of “Velen” and the surrounding afforested hills make a romantic back – drop to the town. The later Chateau and its outbuildings, the home of Count Mensdorff -Pouilly, are very interesting : the Chateau is packed with antiques and curios .The Family are related to the English Royal Family , The Saxe- Coburg – Windsors ,through Queen Victoria ,and were economic and military advisors to the House of Habsberg. They were especially important at the beginning of the First World War, when one of the key global politicians in 1914 was Count A. Mensdorff , the Habsburg Ambassador to The Court Of Saint James’s (England.) To return to Boskovice ;- please enter the Square from the top or east end. The narrow passage curves to suddenly reveal the beautiful cobbled square. The slope adds to the perspective. The Town Hall looks down to confront the elegant church of St. James at the foot. Communista blockbusters loose out to the beauty of Moravian – Habsburg style buildings. Look for the tasteful renovations, especially at the foot of the square, on the left. In behind this is mysterious angular Synagogue and the jumble of tiny streets which form the ghetto.

The legendary foundation of Boskovice. Apparently a nobleman got lost in the forest. A man called Velen helped the nobleman and lent him his comb. Velen was granted the fiefdom of this area and his coat of arms was a seven toothed comb that still is the crest of Boskovice today. Legend has it that as the builder of the now ruined castle, Velen was inspecting his construction site. Whilst walking he stubbed his toe on the door step. This became the name of the castle and its subservient town below. Totally paradoxically his modern descendants disregard his command and never wear shoes at home. Please remove your shoes in the hall!

For this size Boskovice has an amazing number and diversity of pubs and hotels. – Hence the need for this guide. The natives are friendly! Mugging and violence are unknown and the waiters and waitresses invariably patient, courteous and honest. Foreign visitors eccentricities are tolerated! The position of the castle overlooking the town and the commanding and unusually shaped tower of the Town Hall makes navigation easy. The land slopes up from the valley of Belá in the East (or the road to Prostejov) to the Town Hall than gradually down to the hospital, railway and bus stations on the road to Brno. This town is relatively unspoiled by industry, service industries predominating. The fact that Boskovice is a centre of academic excellence should make your stay easier – many pupils will wish to practice their English on you.

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